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Recently purchased a Pioneer AVICX920BT for my Tahoe and it came with a $100 Rebate offered by Pioneer Electronics called the "Summer Road Trip Rebate".

Great unit, no complaints with Pioneer; in fact, liked this so much I told a neighbor in my apartment who went out and purchased the same unit.

We both sent in our rebate forms to this scam organization called "Rebates HQ". Inside of two weeks, I received a postcard telling me my submission was invalid..."incorrect purchase date". The morons at Rebate HQ mis-read the sales invoice copy. Called them, was assured I would receive my rebate.

Another postcard, three weeks later; this one..."Household limit exceeded"; these mutants cannot understand that some people live either in apartments or a multi-family dwelling!

Phone call after phone call has me getting pushed from one incompetant clerk to another with each call taking more than 1/2 hour of my time.

In the meantime, my downstairs neighbor who purchased his Pioneer AVIC 1 month after me, already received his rebate!

Companies like Pioneer Electronics, or others, who offer consumer rebates need to be more selective before dealing with scam operations like "Rebates HQ" who fail to back up a legitimate promise made to consumers at the point-of-sale of an item.

Frankly, this is a complete mis-representation to all consumers who, in good faith, purchase a product because of an "attractive" rebate.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rebateshq Rebate.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Same problem as above. Was told I did not purchase it within the correct dates.

Called and spoke to someone in India. He told me that the promotion ended in August. Which is strange because their website and rebate form say it is valid until December, and Pioneer STILL advertises the rebate on their site.

I argued and he said he will validate it. We'll see.

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