well i have been waiting since 11/24/07 for a rebate thru corel products and of course rebateshq. to no surprise corel said they could do nothing even tho i have been purchasing their products for years - 20 to be exact - but they could care less - why should they - they have my money and they said after 30 days they can do nothing - and will not do anything either....even tho i sent the forms to rebatehq - i waited until now - which i thought they said after 6 -12 weeks --- and i have waited and waited ----nothing - and it looks like nothing will ever be done ---booo bah humbug corel --- what do you expect they are in canada and they just want American money and care less about their long time consumers - hope everyone calls them and complains --- at least that will pester them.

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Rebate HQ did the same to me, saying that I did not attach the UPC code. I certainly did, taping it to the receipt. This company is a horrible scam.

Kent, Ohio, United States #8573

Trust me, they will do EVERYTHING to invalidate your submission. They did it to me twice with "missing UPC" excuses when I was 100% sure I enclosed the UPC and xeroxed a copy before my submissoin. Watch out for your submission and follow it through closely is my advice.

Jackson, Ohio, United States #7058

Their # is 1-800-779-6219

Elmont, New York, United States #5376

And they don't publish a Tele# to call them as most rebate centers do, not even buried deep at their website!


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