I signed up for a promotional gift $75 Mastercard Gift Card.RebatesHQ kept giving me the run around about the paperwork I sent 3 times, they kept losing it after I was told the had it.

I kept all the chat transcripts showing the run around I was getting. I was never allowed to speak to a supervisor in person/on the phone. The promotion eventially closed and they would not honor the special anymore. No, one at Rebateshq ever let me know I was missing any paperwork.

I was told only told after I chatted with a customer service to what was taking so long. The company would not review the chats to see that I had been working on resolving this issue.

They eventially just ending the chat without explaination.I felt the company did not do the right thing and honor the promotion as they said they would and I also felt like I got the run around and lied to.

Monetary Loss: $75.


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